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The long-standing relationships with our international suppliers form the basis of a successful cooperation.

As ACAR IHR. ITH. TEKSTIL TIC. VE SAN. AS, since 2003, we are manufacturing trendy, high quality fabrics in our integrated facilities, for the RTW industry with a young employee base of education-oriented and self-learning individuals. With a precise communication, we offer a list of design- and manufacture-related products and cooperative solutions to the top RTW brands of Europe and America.

In our collections, we present rapidly our unique style with a range of yarn dyed and plain dyed fabrics, as well as contemporary products with pattern and color combinations that are in line with the latest trends. We adopt a close check approach towards each section of the production process in order to support a better future for next generations, staying true to human health and environmental criteria. We also acknowledge that technology is crucial in maintaining a sustainable and high-quality production.
We prioritize environment and human health and act to provide a livable world for next generations.
Our objective is to become the leading company in Turkey in terms of design, fast production and high-quality fabrics.
“Textile” is not word enough to explain what we do. We provide “solutions” to our clients’ various needs by using creativity, imagination, quality, planning, organizing and operating.
Our difference is our design and R&D teams that are well experienced, true team players, freshly-informed and trend forecasters as well as our executives that value R&D.

Through a customer- and solution-focused perspective, we work hard to present product and services that meet the expectations.
ACAR Textile is one of the leading company for many brands specializing in the export of mainly for fancy fabrics for women, and not only by using colored yarns, also with fancy yarns such as viscose, polyamide, linen, cotton, lyocell, modal and recycled polyester.
Our weaving & yarn facilities are equipped with the latest model of machinery and the most updated technology. With our latest investment we have made in recent years, our current weaving capacity has been reached 2.000.000 meters per month as greige fabric.

Today ACAR Textile has more than 10 agencies in all around the world and it is the one of the highly recommended, growing and reliable supplier and an efficient one in this field. ACAR Textile has an office in Barcelona as well with design and sales teams.
We create a collection full of to the point and coveted designs with a trend-sensitive, freshly informed group of designers and R&D responsible with high analyzing skills. We use harmless, high-tech production techniques and raw materials for a production that is high quality as well as continuous by which quality is maintained through control of every step of the process by our experienced technical team.

Together with our trained & experienced marketing team, we adopt an active marketing strategy to become a
solution partner and a supplier of our international and domestic clients.
We take all of our employees’ input into consideration, with a team spirit and a cooperative approach, which
eventually makes them feel valuable for the company.
Source of design (product first): We work with a number of designers in order to come up with fashionable textile

Product with high quality: Manufacturing by using the latest technology and resources provided, we control each step
of the production process and certify that the quality of our product and services are meeting the ISO 9001 standards.
Thanks to our past experiences and current dynamic structure, we develop ourselves continuously and meet the
clients’ requirements more precisely. We run towards our objectives and always aim at being the best.
By giving attention to preserving the future of environment and with the support of our employees, we aim at
increasing Turkey’s power in international textile industries. We also believe that the social responsibility mentality we
adopt sets a base for all our activities and relationships.



Company Profile
We are known Woven Jacquard & Dobby producer with 150 looms capacity which are all placed in our company which is located Nosab Industry Zone in Bursa in Turkey also have the biggest capacity among the jauquard producers in Turkey. Today daily production capacity is 15,000 mts greige and the annual production capacity is more than 5 million meters. We have two company name's for our market policy Simmod Textile is our export company and Saygı Textile is our domestic company, according to this policy we would like to give information seperately.

History of Simmod Textile
Simmod Textile provides service as our export company and 90% of production exports to USA and European countiries this market area grows by day by. Simmond textile's Research & Development department full of well trained team with fast returns to the customers and this is the one of the key department and strong point of our company which prepares the collection each season (F/W & S/S) using innovation, creativity working with Marketing & Sales department to provide best service to the customers.

We use two ways to create new designs.
Our production range includes Fancy fabrics, Causal wovens, Piece-dyed and yarn-dyed woven jacquards, Fabrics with fil'coupe, Digital Printing on jacquards, Bonded fabrics, Fabrics with special finishes.
1. Our collections:
We are working with a freelance designer to prepare our own collections. The designer manages all the details of collections such as stories with colours, structures, finishes and design ideas. Our team supports him for making trials and preparing new designs etc. and also, we buy several creations for designs to support them.
2. Customer collections:
We also support some of our customers to prepare their own special collections. The designers of the customers give some ideas about their future collections such as colours, fabrics, motives and finishes etc. Our team prepares new items according to them. We always give exclusivity for these special works. Our team creates new designs monthly between 100 and 150 designs, and also uses old ones to new items between 50-70 designs. We are selecting the best ones to our collection approx.120 designs for a season.

SAYGI TEKSTIL is our production company was founded in 1999.Owner of our company Mr.Salih Serdar Yalcin who is textile engineer since 1993, has been running the business as the pioneer in the market of woven jacquard fabrics for ladies and mens wear. SAYGI TEKSTIL,has been investing on this industry so as to be unique with its utmost quality standards as well as dealing with top brands in textile business. Our Company has been serving the market with the latest pre-production equipment as well as using full automatic high technology weaving jacquard machines to produce high quality fashion fabrics.



Company profile
As Nurel Group, we would like to introduce ourselves as a well diversified in Bursa and İstanbul with a strong position in Turkey and across the world. Our background includes Project in textiles, medical textiles, automotive spare parts, import and exports, and financal services.

The past ten years were remarkable for Nurel Group, a decade that brought our group of companies noticeable growth and favourable developments.
Nurel Group maintains a development policy that reflects our mission, which is achieving excellence and high level efficiency in all our domains through creating high value for our costumers based upon the highest degree of performance and quality.
Nurel Tekstil , manufactures women accessories ,such as scarves shawls and pareos.It has been in the business for 52 years.
Jade Lace specializes in lace production for lingerie and outwear products.
Nurel Spinning company is a plant for spining polyester,polyamide,viscose yarns.Method is two for one & the capacity is 300.000 kg per month.
Askar Makine manufactures machinery & fittings,for automotive and aero space tooling.
Piril Dis Ticaret supplies the services of import & export over twenty countries .Our export markets are Central America,Europe, Middle East, Asis and North Africa.
Nurel Medikal deals with the manufacturing of disposable surgical gowns and surgical drapes for hospital use.It is also ISO 9001 certified.
Miatex produces women’s outerwear fabrics.

Jade Lace
Jade Lace by Nurel Textile is specialized in lace for lingerie and outwear products. Jade Lace with its brand new Karl Mayer Multibar Raschel Jacquardtronic and Textronic Machines is able to conveniently provide to the domestic and international customers with high quality products and competitive prices.
Also able to subcontract outside for any potential order size.

The plant is located in an industrial zone in Bursa with a total of 91 employees.It currently has a total internal capacity of 750.000 meters of elastic galloon lace Jacquardtronic machines, 420.000 meters of elastic 17cm textronic & 80.000Meters of Fashion jacquardtronic allover lace for out wear per month. Total 15 machines ( 5 Textronic, 4 Fashion Jacquardtronic,6 Jacquardtronic,1 tulle Machines)

Dyeing & Finishing
Jade Lace has its own dyeing and finishing plant and is currently building a brand new facility.
There is currently 150 employed workers at the plant.The plant is located in an industrial zone with its own water treatment facility ensuring the highest level of ecological standarts.Jade Lace combines traditional know-how and Technologies to guarantee high quality lace material.

Testing Labrotary
Jade lace has its own testing laboratory with all the required equipment to test the technical parameters to the industry standards.We aim to adopt international accepted testing and measurement practice. We also use other testing lab services such as Intertek and SGS. We will also begin process of obtaining M&S accreditation when we complete building our new laboratory next year.
Jade Lace aims to provide a high quality service ensuring the company’s product and services meet customer’s requirements at all times.
We are Oekotex certified and the testing we do are ISO standard.Oeko-tex docs number is 13.HTR.25403



Company profile
Nilba Tekstil is a dyeing mill located in Bursa/Turkey. We are proud and innovative textile business producing woman casual, sports wear and more. Our products are well desired and values in the industry, made of special type of weaving and touching with various finishings in accordance to needs and requirements of our partners .
Our collection includes , Polyester, polyamid, viscose, tencel, their mix  and more.
Special finishings ;  bonded, foil, spongy, scuba, laser cutting, digital printing, aero-finish and several techno finishings.

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